Legal Soft Solution's team

Everyone says it, but in our case it’s true: our team is the secret to our success. Each of our employees is amazing in their own right, but together they are what makes Legal Soft Solution such a fun and rewarding place to work.

Hamid Kohan is an experienced Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in computer software and the Legal industry. Hamid Kohan received his bachelor’s degree in engineering from Chico State University at the age of 17 and quickly was recruited to Silicon Valley to begin his High Tech career. While working with several companies in the high-tech arena, he received his MBA in business marketing at the age of 21. Mr. Kohan was involved in several high-profile companies such as Grid Systems where he served as the Sr. Manager of Product Development, working alongside associates pioneering the first ever Laptop computer. In 1984 Hamid Kohan took his talents to SUN Microsystem, serving as Sr. Engineering Manager, establishing his career in  Business Development & Management. Here, Mr. Kohan worked alongside Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) and  Carol Bartz (Yahoo CEO), as well as many other renowned entrepreneurs. Hamid applied his expertise in business expansion to SUN Microsystems, contributing to the growth of the company from 200 employees to over 13,000 in 8 years. Hamid then moved to Hitachi Computers, Directing Business & Technology Development,  and Culminated his career in Silicon Valley by joining Tandem Computer (HP Computers), as Director of Product Management. 

Hamid Kohan moved to Los Angeles, with the aspiration of expanding his experience in Business and Technological Development. He was recruited in 1999 to run Emblazed Technology (Webradio), a publicly traded company, Serving as Division President. As President, Hamid grew the business by 300% in 12 months, as well as growing the company to a 1 billion dollar valuation. In 2004, Mr. Kohan decided to apply his experience to his own business, co-founding CAPLUCK Inc. Cap60 is now a leading provider of Data Management System with clients in 40 states and the largest provider of services to Not-Profit Organizations in the United States. 

In early 2016, Mr. Kohan applied and expanded his expertise in technology and business development to the legal world, founding Legal Soft Inc. Serving as a provider of Practice Management Solutions, Legal Soft Inc began working with several local Law Firms, achieving growth of more than 100% in the Firms. Legal Soft Inc quickly expanded to assisting several Law Firms Nationwide, focusing in multiple different practice areas including Personal Injury, Employment, Immigration, Business Law, and others. Hamid Kohan and the Legal Soft team pride themselves on expanding law firms from initial stages, to multi-state and multi-practice areas in less than 12 months.


Nathan Sumekh

VP, Operation


Bobby Kohan

Director, Business Development


Mona Edalatkhah

Director, Strategic Accounts


Tally Sumekh

Director, Marketing

Division Managers


Adrik Abnousi

Sales Manager


Shayan Kohan

Staffing Manager

Shawn Mines

Strategic Account Manager


Daniela de Leon

Social Media Service Manager

Chris Ang

Director for Mobile Application


Leslie Ann Espeleta

Lead Management Division Leader


Alec Cannold

Strategic Account Manager

Maidan Garcia

Maiden Garcia

Marketing Manager

IMG_4183 2

Ralph Amorsolo



Nico Lawrence Blas

Virtual Assistant Division Manager


Behrad Brumand

Account Manager


Jigo Garcia

Assistant Operations Manager

Meet others

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Parand Jebraeili

Sales Associate


Sam Liaghat

Sales Associate


Philip Martin Siao

VA Training & Learning Lab Manager


Ivy Stephannie Coles

App Implementation Manager


Ethan Soumekh

Administrative Assistant



Rowena Valencia

Resource Management Manager


Ulah del Castillo

Operations Manager Assistant


Kim Pastor

VA Hiring Manager


Mitch Iligan

Project Assistant


Shadan Brumand

Executive Assistant


Margot Pitero

Junior Graphic Designer


Keiycin Arahan

General Admin for Operations


Shannen Padua

General Admin Assistant


Sabrina Fusilero

Project Coordinator