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Outsource your legal intake team with legal intake experts.

Easily capture and manage your leads from every source like lead gen companies, Facebook ads, and your website. We then fire off a series of calls, texts and email to your prospect, getting them on the phone with you in 30 seconds or less.

What We Do

Dedicated Intake member for your law firm. Each of our staff will be dedicated to one law firm and one law firm only to ensure quality in training and availability. Depending on your hours each staff can work up to 8 hour shifts.
Live Call Transfers: When a lead is reached and qualified your trained intake staff will conduct a live call transfer to your attorney to ensure a signed retainer. We work with your office to create the criteria for a qualified and unqualified lead to ensure you are only connected with qualified clients.
Lead Capturing. We understand your leads are valuable and strive to be first and quick. Law is a competitive industry and we send an SMS & Call to all new leads instantly to ensure we get to the lead first. This is why our staff ensures and reaches 85% of of calls in 3 rings or less. This is the rapid intake team you need to convert leads in the competitive legal market.

Bilingual Support:
Your audience is diverse and a bilingual staff is needed to ensure you meet the needs of your audience.
Speak with our team about the offered languages

The Benefits

Outsourcing your intake is a surfer way to take a load off internal operations, overhead, and increased conversations. Our services are great for all sized firms and adjust depending on your size to ensure a perfect fit.
No rent, no new hires, & easy fires: Your new virtual intake staff works remotely, eliminating overhead cost, equipment cost , and management cost.
Training & Automation: With your new intake staff we include an automated software that records all calls for training and review purposes. We establish a trackable number dedicated to your staff where they can be reached and texted for quick communication.

No Hidden Fees:
Your fee is negotiated and kept. Any updates or new charges will be brought up on our monthly review call.

Avoid the hassles of working with traditional call centers.
Get everything you need to build a tailored solution for your customer engagement needs.


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