Technology & Marketing in the Legal Industry

Hamid Kohan

Growing a legal practice can be hard, but what can sometimes be even harder is figuring out what technological and marketing solutions you can use to make it easier to scale your law firm…

PILMMA 2022 Super Summit


Date and time June 27 – 30, 2022 Location Ritz Carlton | New Orleans, L Learn from the best legal minds in the country on how to grow your law firm. Experience elite networking, our high-level mastermind members plus world-famous speakers are attending! Get into groups with actionable, measurable, and tailored exercises that help grow […]

Legal Challenges of Remote Hiring

Woman Laptop

If you are looking to hire remote workers, you should know the legal issues that may arise along the way. If you’ve ever hired remote workers from abroad, you know the challenges of managing a remote workforce. The employment contract details must be worked out carefully in advance to avoid challenges. This article will discuss […]