The Key Components of Law Firm Branding

law firm branding

Law firm branding is the perception of the firm to its clients or target market. Branding is what makes law firms different from other firms that offer the same services.

Legal trends to Follow in 2023

The past year has highlighted how quickly the business environment can change, leaving those who don’t stay on top of trends and technologies behind.

How Can SEO Help Your Website Rank on Google

How Can SEO Help Your Website Rank on Google

Making a website rank on the first page of Google is one of the hardest things to do. Google has highly advanced algorithms that make distinctions between billions of websites on the web. To compete with known and established websites, you must utilize SEO.

The Common Challenges of Small Law Firms

small law firm challenges

The legal industry looked way different three years ago before the pandemic hit. The sudden change had a massive impact on all types of businesses including law firms. The economic crisis affected both large law firms and small law firms.

Why Many Law Firms Are Now Focusing on..

Social Media Management

Nowadays, competition for acquiring new clients is harder than ever, even in law firms. Unlike before, when you could get clients from old-fashioned advertising and word of mouth, now almost all businesses also focus on their social media presence to get more clients.

Old Ways and Practices Law Firms Do That..

Social media

Are you one of those law firm owners who’s not techy and unfamiliar with the latest trend in the social media world? Here’s the hard truth. The digital world is endlessly evolving and everyone needs to keep up, even law firms.