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We are excited to meet you at the CEO Lawyer Summit Conference at Atlanta, GA throughout December 13-15!

Our CEO and president, Hamid Kohan, will be one of the prominent guest speakers at the event.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to dive into the adventurous realm of the business and its unique challenges!

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Virtual Legal Staffing

Legal Assistant, Intake Specialist, Case Manager and others.

Today, a law firm’s success is linked directly to its ability to scale and expand. Whether you’re looking for short term or long-term staffing requirements you’ll need a partner who understands legal staff recruiting.

Mobile App

Place your firm in the hands of your clients. Jump start your marketing custom mobile app for your legal practice ready in 30 days.

Lead Generation

Working with over 15 verified and approved lead generation companies to provide leads and track cost of client acquisition.

Lead Management

Easily capture and manage your leads from every source like lead generation companies, Facebook ads, and your website. We then fire off a series of calls, texts and email to your prospect, getting them on the phone with you in 30 seconds or less.

Web Development

Website presentation is not like how it used to be. With today’s competitive market you need to constantly update your web presents with new content, information and “Call to Action”. We provide an initial design and continuous maintenance of content and traffic management.

Social Media

With years of experience in the legal field we have come up with a formula for success with 3 critical areas to focus on: Social media posting, Engagement and Golden media.

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